Can I port one of your mods to Fabric or an older version of Forge (i.e. 1.12.2)?

No, you cannot. The majority of our mods are under ARR (All Rights Reserved) with a notable exceptions stated by our general Terms and Conditions or the Terms and Conditions for Smaller Projects, both of which completely disallow direct ports without our expressed permission that you would need to provide proof for.

Why do we use our own terms and conditions for our mods?

We have several projects under our belt, and we have put tremendous amounts of effort into our projects (especially the ones that have the greater restrictions). Unfortunately, there are several people who like to take what we make without our permission and use it as their own in the public. Obviously, if you want to port one of our mods to Fabric for private use only, that would be fine. We just do not want people reposting our stuff, and our terms and conditions ensures that if that does happen, we can take care of it quickly and efficiently.

Also, I want to make it clear right now that the restrictions portrayed in our terms are not because we have some sort of vendetta against Fabric or 1.12.2. The main purpose of our licencing have always been, and will always be, to protect the work that we spend so much of our time and energy on, and thus the work that we deeply care about.

What’s the difference between the main and lesser terms and conditions?

The lesser terms have fewer restrictions than the main ones. If you want to know the full details you can just view the terms themselves, but for a quick tl;dr, you are able to use code from projects under the lesser terms as long as that code is used in a transformative way in your own project and isn’t simply copy-paste. Also, don’t go putting it under a super-weak license like WTFPL.