You can find the configuration file in your .minecraft/config folder. The file is named, dungeons_plus-common.toml


In the dungeons plus config, each structure has all of its placement settings configurable. The bigger_dungeon found underground spawns in every overworld biome except mushroom islands, so that one should be fine. As for the others, they have a string called “biomes” that you can add registered biomes to. You will need to know the registry name of a biome, which can be viewed in the f3 screen.

Add to only plains and swamps.

biomes = "plains, swamp"

Same as previous, except with the addition of a biomes o plenty biome.

biomes = "plains, swamp, biomesoplenty:prairie"

For broad cases, you may want to use the biome dictionary. You can find a list of all biome dictionary entries here:

(Prior to 1.16.3, forge biome dictionary entries were listed without “forge:” at the start and the Structure Gel entries did not exist.)

Adds to any biome tagged as a forest in the forge biome dictionary.

biomes = "#forge:forest"

If you put ! before an entry, it works as a not operator.

Adds to any biome tagged as a forest, except for the birch forest.

biomes = "#forge:forest, !birch_forest"

Adds to any biome tagged as an oak forest in the Structure Gel biome dictionary. The Structure Gel dictionary tends to have more specific tags, making filtering far easier.

biomes = "#structure_gel:oak_forest"

Entries act in the order they were typed as well, so this will add to all overworld tagged biomes, remove biomes tagged as an oak forest, and finally re-add flower forests.

biomes = "#structure_gel:overworld, !#structure_gel:oak_forest, flower_forest"