Why is it crashing?

Creating a mod pack can be a hard task to have everything work properly. Sometimes when you’re running a lot of mods, it’s really hard to pin point exactly why you are crashing, even with crash logs. Here’s what you can do.

What can I do?

You can take some time and start troubleshooting what may be issue with your modpack. Here’s what you can do.

Back up your world

Before anything, we recommend that you create back-ups of any of your worlds that you really want to keep. This is VERY important in case something goes wrong. Simply create a zip of your world’s inside of your saves folder to keep them save.

Add/Remove Mods

To start troubleshooting the problem with your modpack, move all the mods from your mods folder somewhere else, and load them one by one or in batches to exactly pin point what mod or combination of mods is causing the issue.


Once you have figured out what mods or combination of mods are causing the problem, you can either solve this issue by simply googling some terms like, “mod A conflicts with mod B” for example. If it’s a bug with the mod, you can report the issue if the mod has an issue tracker to put it on, or by finding the mod author’s discord.

Just be patient if it’s a mod compatibility issue, there’s only so much you can do as a user but to quickly solve the issue, is to temporarily or permanently remove it from your modpack.

Sharing Crash Logs

There may be some modding communities you can participate in where someone may help you with your issue. You can find very useful logs to determine the problem in your crash-reports folder. Your latest.log inside your logs folder can also be useful.

It’s mostly recommended to upload your logs to a paste service such as the ones below so that people don’t have to download your log files.


We hope you figure out your issue, it take a lot of time to figure this stuff out. If you believe to found issues with mods compatibility or a bug within the mod. Please report these issues to the respective authors and the appropriate issue tracks. You may be able to find a mods issue tracker but checking on the Curse page of a mod and clicking the “Issues” tab if it has one, or by googling, “[Mod Name] Issue Tracker”.

Good luck!