How do I install Minecraft mods?

Minecraft Forge

All of our Minecraft mods run on Minecraft Forge. In case you don’t know what that is, Minecraft Forge is a mod loading API which gives developers an easier way to modify the game to add their mods into the game. You can download Minecraft Forge for your desired version in the Minecraft Forge Download Page.

Installing Forge in Minecraft Launcher

To install Minecraft Forge into the Minecraft Launcher, simply open the installer jar file you downloaded from Minecraft Forge and proceed through with the installation. Please note that you will have needed to run the Minecraft version at least once. If you are unable to double click and run the installer jar, it is probably because you do not have Java installed. You can find links to Java downloads in the Java 8 troubleshoot page.

Installing Forge in MultiMC

In MultiMC, there is an option to install Forge from the Version tab of your instance. Simply click the “Install Forge” button on the right side of the Version settings and select your desired Forge version. The version that is starred is marked as the recommended version.

Installing Mods

Installing Mods in Minecraft Launcher

After you’ve installed Minecraft Forge, you should have a new profile on your Minecraft launcher called, “Forge”.

In windows, if you type %appdata% into Windows Explorer, you can find your .minecraft folder.


If you don’t have a mods folder, create one and drag your downloaded mods from CurseForge inside. Once you’ve done that, start the game (using the Forge profile) and enjoy your modded flavor of Minecraft!

Installing Mods in MultiMC

After you’ve installed Minecraft Forge, click on the mods tab and then drag and drop any mods you downloaded from CurseForge into the window. Once you’ve done that, start the instance and enjoy your modded flavor of Minecraft!


Don’t download mods from 9minecraft as it can be dangerous. Instead, you should look for the mod on CurseForge; it is much safer!