Do you make Fabric mods?

This question is asked a lot! No unfortunately, we do not develop mods for the Fabric modloader. All of our mods are on Forge! We make sure to make that clear on all of our projects on CurseForge by supplying it with a “Built with Forge” Badge like this one:

You can also check if a mod is developed for Fabric if the title has [FABRIC] in the name or it is in the Fabric category on CurseForge.

Click here to view all Fabric mods on CurseForge


Why not?

Why don’t you? Do you plan to port your mods to Fabric? We’re familiar with Forge and prefer to work with it, just as you may love strawberry ice cream over vanilla!

Currently, most mods are on it, our community is built around it, etc. As of right now, if we switched to Fabric, we’d lose all of that. Supporting both isn’t really an option either since we have so many projects now. Some of our mods could realistically be ported to Fabric pretty easily, but that also creates the expectation that all of our mods would be ported, and that simply isn’t reasonable either.


We’d love to hear your feedback to better understand the players! As a user/player of mods and NOT as a mod developer, why do you prefer to use Fabric instead of Forge or vice versa? Let us know!