Aether Legacy is the official port of Aether I created for fans to enjoy the classic experience that once existed.

Before Anything:

Thank you Gilded Games for allowing me to continue and release this project to anyone and everyone. I hope that I can provide a quality mod just like you have and are still doing.

What's new:

Well...nothing. This is just a port of Aether I for 1.10.2, no new additions besides multiplayer support.

How to Play:

For all still new to the experience of the Aether (be it Aether I/Aether II) to get to the Aether you must make a 4x5 portal frame (yes, it is limited to 4x5) using Glowstone. From there a water bucket is needed to get the portal going and from there you are ready to head to the Aether.


The goal of this project is to help show how much the Aether has grown from then to now. With this project it should help bring more appreciation towards Aether II and the amount of dedication Gilded Games is putting out to make it as outstanding as it can ever be.

Open Source:

Yes, this mod is open source for anybody to play and experiment on. (Means making add-ons for this mod is much easier) The GitHub can be found here


I am only one person so if you find any bugs I do apologize. Please list all bugs on the issue tracker and a patch will be done every other week.