Small modding team that ports and revives old classic Minecraft mods for the community to enjoy once again. We're mainly known for porting Aether Legacy and also create our own mods as well such as Blue Skies and Glacidus. Thanks for visiting our website!

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May 6, 2019

⚡ Update: Moolands 1.13.2-v0.0.1 Release

The mod port that no one asked for and the only mod you should play. It's Moolands 1.13.2!


Modding Legacy ArchiveMLa

  • Rewrote, and ported to 1.13.2! (We expect some bugs, so those should be put on the issue tracker)
  • May 3, 2019

    ⚡ Update: Good Night's Sleep 1.12.2-v0.2.0 Release

    Small bugfix and content update for this one that adds unicorns and some new music by the original developer that created this mod.


    Modding Legacy ArchiveMLa

  • Added Unicorns! They don't do much different yet, but stay tuned for that.
  • Added back the Strange Bed! This is now used to access the dimensions from the start.
  • You now spawn next to your bed when leaving either dimension.
  • Added new music! Each dimension got one new song, both made by tippyfoo/bob0productions.
  • Tweaked the Baby Creeper texture.
  • Necrum blocks now have dirt properties.
  • Added Delusion stone to the Dream dimension.
  • Ore Dictionary modifications.
  • May 2, 2019

    ⚡ Update: Blue Skies 1.12.2-v1.1.0 Release

    Content and patch updates such as new blocks and items and a new Sunset Maple Forest biome to the Everdawn dimension. Blue lore book has also been updated a bunch and new sounds and music was added. Check out the full changelog.


    Modding Legacy ArchiveMLa

  • Fixed issues with villages.
  • Added 2 new songs, "Brightlands", and "Baneful"
  • Added new Frostbitten Forest biome to the Everbright
  • Added new Sunset Maple Forest biome to the Everdawn
  • Added new weather effects, sounds and fog can be disabled in the in-game config
  • Added damage caps to bosses
  • Buffed the Alchemist to use fire arrows in phase 2
  • Gave the Summoner it's own custom lighting
  • Nerfed the Summoner a bunch
  • Added farmland
  • Added new vine types
  • Added Maple wood type, with all decor blocks
  • Added Frostbright wood type, with all decor blocks
  • Added new packed ice Frost Spirit type, it has a higher armor value
  • Added Crynocerous, a stronger Frost Spirit variant, it will have new sounds in the future.
  • Villages generate with proper farmland
  • Retextured villagers
  • Added Shoveler villager type, it cleans up snow in the Brightlands
  • Added venison
  • Added Crystal Camel, it can be tamed and saddled, they can also be tamed with corn (W.I.P.)
  • Made Reindeer tameable with carrots
  • Cosmic Fox is now tameable with nectarines, it does not have a special ability yet
  • Cosmic Fox now has a special glow
  • Zombie Villages now have proper professions
  • Added new crops; Corn, Cabbage, Cryo-root, Green Beans, Peanut, and Tomato
  • Bosses cannot be hurt with extended range weapons
  • Added Blaze Bud flower.
  • Added new Venom Spider mob, it shoots venom when distant
  • Azulfos now herd together
  • Changed the Sunrise color in the Everdawn, it's more pinkish
  • Horizonite tools now are mod compatible
  • Gave the Ethereal, Dusk, and Runic arcs abilities
  • Blue Lore book got a massive update
  • Grasses look normal in foreign dimensions
  • Added Illager boss music, the other bosses will have different songs (Can be disabled in the config)
  • New advancements
  • Cosmic Fox fur
  • Decreased spawnrate of the Gatekeeper huts
  • Added ladders for all wood types
  • Made biomes larger
  • April 13, 2019

    ⚡ Update: Aether Legacy 1.12.2-v1.4.4 Release

  • Added emissive texture support! This is enabled by default with Optifine installed, but can be disabled in it's settings.
  • Added back the classic Slider and Valkyrie Queen advancement sounds!
  • Fixed the Holiday Tree snow sometimes breaking logs
  • Fixed the Light Angelic Stone being replaced with normal Angelic Stone when the Queen is defeated.
  • Dungeon loot is now done in loot tables thanks to Raptor.
  • The portal sound uses a separate sound event. This does not effect gameplay at all, just more customizable (it also gets it's own subtitle!)
  • Added the Legacy music disc
  • Fixed console spam with dangerous alternative prefixes on startup
  • Added Minecraft item lore
  • April 1, 2019

    📝 Info: Moolands leaks into the real world!

    Moolands somehow found a way to leak into the real life world and cause real life awful cows and lag to spawn! Maintainer of Moolands, KingPhygieBoo, claims he does not understand what happened exactly but he is looking into this issue. Awful cows are everywhere and causing lots of problems for our environment!