Configuring Beta Days

By default, all of the features of Beta Days are disabled until you have properly configured the mod to your liking.

There are two configuration files for Beta Days. You can find the files in your .minecraft/config folder under the following names

  • beta_days-client.toml
  • beta_days-common.toml


#Client side changes.
	#Disable the 1.9+ combat sounds.
	disableCombatSounds = true
	#Removes environmental fog from the Nether Dimension.
	disableNetherFog = true
	#Enable the classic menu. (May cause mod compatibility issues when used with other menu mods)
	enableClassicMenu = true
	#The maximum distance fog can be toggled to.
	toggleFogMaxDistance = 16
	#Gives the classic HUD, removing the hunger bar, and adjusting the position of armor bar.
	oldHud = true
	#Enable custom dimension entry messages. (Vanilla Dimensions)
	customDimensionMessages = true
	#The height offset of the hearts when using the old HUD.
	heartHeight = 32
	#Displays Minecraft version at the top of screen when in game.
	oldIngameVersion = true


#Server and Client side changes.
	#Disables mobs dropping experience. (Disables the experience bar along with it)
	disableExperienceDrop = true
	#Disables sprinting.
	disableSprinting = true
	#Disables the 1.9+ combat cooldown.
	disableCombatCooldown = true
	#Allows for seeds to drop randomly when tilling dirt.
	tillSeeds = true
	#Disables hunger, food gives health instead.
	hungerDisabled = true
	#Disables the 1.9+ sweep attack. Only applies when the Sweeping Edge enchantment is not used.
	disableCombatSweep = true
	#Disables the ability to stack food items.
	disableFoodStacking = true
	#Allows for instantly shooting bows.
	originalBow = true