Aether: Lost Content

Released: Apr 1st, 2019


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    🧪 Latest Updates

    Apr 25, 2023 - Lost Content has been updated to 1.19.4

    ⚙️ Server

    We have a server running this add-on. If you would like to join and play with your friends, come check out

    📚 Summary

    This mod aims to bring back, and give life to a lot of scrapped, unused, and even concepted content and features from The Aether’s past. This gives even things that never made it out of the idea stage a chance. This includes content from Aether I, and even Aether Legacy itself. Any content that did not have any special ability or purpose will be given one, example being the Aerwhale King, which only existed as a name.

    While the mod does not aim to implement much Aether II Genesis/Mutation era content, there are exceptions. Features currently included from that era are purely visual, and were able to be slotted in as-is.

    ⚠️ Disclaimer

    This mod may be missing some lost content, as either we had no idea on what it could’ve been, or we didn’t get to it. Some content included may be unfinished, or may even be changed. Some included content may not fully/accurately represent what it may have been. However we have done our best to make the content as fleshed out as possible.

    ❓ What does everything do exactly?

    If you need to figure out what something does, the Book of Lore will give you any details you need! If it says it doesn’t do anything special yet, then it will have it’s ability added in the future.


    New Dungeon: Platinum Dungeon

    The platinum dungeon was concepted to be the fourth dungeon to finalize the mod! We took that idea and design the dungeon and boss fight as the Aerwhale King!

    Other Additions

    Gale Stone A cool, blue stone that makes up most of the Platinum Dungeon’s structure. It cannot be destroyed until the Aerwhale King is defeated.

    Light Gale Stone The glowing version of Gale Stone. It can be found in the Platinum Dungeon along with Gale Stone. Likewise, it cannot be collected until the boss is defeated.

    Songstone The sound this legendary stone makes can only be heard fully by the Aerwhale King. The sound keeps his mind in a tranquil state. If activated, he will prepare for battle.

    Power Gloves These gloves increase force behind the wearers punches. When using them to punch, they knock enemies much farther back than usual.

    Platinum Key A super shiny key awarded by the Aerwhale King after being defeated. You can use it to claim the treasure on the second floor of the dungeon!

    Invisibility Gem A stone that has a chance to allow the wearer dodge a blow, concealing them, possibly helping them to escape a rough situation.

    Phoenix Pickaxe The metal of this pickaxe is molten hot, it melts through stone, allowing the smelting of ores instantly.

    Phoenix Sword A heavy, molten sword which burns its foes to a crisp. It almost hurts to touch! Using this on animals can make them drop cooked meat!

    Phoenix Shovel The head of this shovel is molten hot, it smelts sand, and similar blocks when touched.

    Phoenix Axe The head of this axe is molten hot, it melts through wood, it chars wood on contact.

    Phoenix Cape A warm cloak. It has the power to give the wearer a second chance at life, should they get close to falling into the void.

    Shield of Emile A shield that’s said to have been used along with the Hammer of Kingbdogz. It has some scratches on it. It reflects blocked projectiles as if they were yours!

    Gravitite Shield A shield made completely of Gravitite. It can be used to block attacks. It causes much more knockback when something attacks it.

    Zanite Shield A shield made completely of Zanite used to block attacks. It doesn’t seem to have any special quirks. Regardless of that, it is more durable than the typical wooden shield.

    Sentry Shield This shield seems to be ancient sentry technology. It grants the wearer immunity to explosions. It also has a chance to detonate when attacked. Both of these things damage the shield.

    Agility Boots A rare pair of boots found in the Platinum Dungeon. They’re very light and aerodynamic, allowing for faster movement.

    Swetty Mask What looks to be the body of a Swet. Other than its aesthetic appearance, it can be used to negate crash damage while using an Elytra.

    Crystal Sapling These blue saplings will grow into Crystal Fruit Trees. They can be grown faster with Bone Meal.

    Brown Moa Egg A mysterious brown egg of a Moa not found in the wild. If a Blue and Orange Moa are near each-other, they can be observed laying these eggs. Hatching this provides a Brown Moa with decent speed, and 3 mid-air jumps, of which are stronger than usual. These Moas are also immune to the effects of inebreation. Once grown, Brown Moas can lay these eggs as expected.

    Orange Moa Egg An egg laid by an Orange Moa. The egg is surprisingly light. When incubated produces an Orange Moa with 2 mid-air jumps. This Moa has a special ability that allows it to speed up gradually when moving in a single direction. Strafing does not seem to harm its speed directly, but does make it speed up slower. Turning decreases its speed. When grounded, it gains speed much slower than it would otherwise in the air.

    Legacy Disc A baby blue colored record disc. When inserted into a jukebox, it plays Legacy by Lachney.