Aether Multiplayer


About the server

Modded survival server running The Aether along with useful Spigot plugins like Essentials, and land claiming.

Server IP

Notice: Required mods installed before you can play! Download the Aether: Multiplayer Modpack. For installing mods individually, You need The Aether 1.12.2-v1.5.2 and Lost Aether Content 1.12.2-v1.0.2 specific versions to play.

Server Status

Server IPs:

Table of Contents

Getting Started

To get started playing survival in the Aether, walk through the portal at the spawn. This portal will randomly teleport you somewhere in the Aether once you’ve entered it.


Useful Commands

  • /sethome <name> – Name is optional, sets your current location as a home for you to teleport to anytime.
  • /tpa <player> – Requests a player to teleport to their location.
  • /tpahere <player> – Requests a player to teleport to your location.


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We’re only a small server, if you enjoy it and are having fun, please consider voting for it and favoriting it on NameMC! Voting will help our server grow and let others know of the server.

Where to Vote

You can vote on the following websites, please and thank you!

Report a Problem

You can report any issues you find on the server on this Google form here: