📄 Summary

This mod takes advantage of vanilla’s tile entity locking system, reworking it to only work with a single key. This key can be used to lock, and unlock any lockable tile entity (usually ones with inventories).

🗝️ Obtaining

The recipe for the key will appear in the recipe book as soon as you obtain a golden ingot, or a golden nugget. Regardless, you can craft it as shown.


🔐 How to Use

Once obtained, the key may be used to lock applicable tile entities, you must name the key in an anvil, and then click on the tile entity you would like to lock. The tile entity must be programmed to be lockable, otherwise the key will not work. Once locked, the tile entity cannot be broken by a player unless unlocked, or broken with the key in hand. You may unlock a tile entity by sneaking and right-clicking with the key. If you loose your key, you can create another one under the same name, and it will work (Be careful not to give out your key’s name!).

📖 Curse of Vanishing

Similar to compasses, the key may be enchanted with Curse of Vanishing, so when you die the key will disappear. This is good for preventing others who might kill you from obtaining your key, and therefore access to your precious items at home.}