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    πŸ“š Description

    You can obtain a Dashing enchantment book in the same way you can find Frostwalker and Mending books; from chest loot, fishing, raid drops, or trading. This mod is pretty lightweight and is a perfect vanilla+ mod (a mod that fits in with vanilla).

    πŸ’¨ Dash Key

    By default, the dash key is set to β€œR”. You can configure what your dash key is in the controls menu under Movement.

    This mod is part of a series of mods. You don’t have to install these other mods for Dash to work, but they will work together.

    Leap - Take a leap forward with this simple mod that adds a new enchantment that allows you to double jump!

    Step - Step up your vanilla experience with this mod that adds a balanced Stepping enchantment that allows you to walk up entire blocks similar to horses.

    🀷 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Can I use this in my modpack?

    Yes, you definitely can. Just make to provide credit to all the authors respectively and link back to the CurseForge page.

    Can I redistribute this mod onto other platforms?

    Yes, but before doing so make sure that all downloads are directly linked to CurseForge and provide credit to all the authors respectively.

    Is there multiple levels of Dashing?

    Not currently, but there might be in the future. We want to focus on balancing and not create an overpowered feature.