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June 29, 2022 - Blue Skies: Population now on Minecraft 1.19!

Blue Skies: Population is finally available for 1.19! Just a port to support the latest version of Minecraft.


  • Updated how trees grow to fix situations where they replace blocks that they shouldn’t.
  • Updated Turquoise and Lunar Dripstone to behave more similarly to vanilla’s dripstone. Our dripstones now grow when water/lava is above them and have ambient dripping particles. Stalactites fall and hurt things they land on. Stalagmites hurt things that land on them. Throwing a trident or spear at a stalactite will make it fall.
  • Crystal Camels are a bit faster.
  • Crystalized trees can be grown from Crystal Flowers on any sand block instead of just Crystal Sand.
  • Improved the Nightwatcher villager robbing logic and trades.
  • Updated logic for Brewberry bushes, Cherry Leaves, and other things that grow to work with Forge events.
  • Some items, like the portal materials, have descriptions in JEI to explain how to obtain them.
  • Heavily nerfed the sapling alchemy recipe. It now costs an Echo Shard to convert a sapling into another type of sapling. The reasoning behind this is that some mods introduce saplings that would be significantly more valuable than something like oak, and having one means you have an infinite amount of them.
  • Catalyst alchemy recipes have had their syntax updated:
  • Fixed a client crash on server when trying to fill a bucket.
  • Updated to work with the recent Forge client refactor. Minimum Forge is now 41.0.91, older versions will not work. Be sure to update Structure Gel API as well.
  • Updated to support latest Forge refactor. Requires Forge 41.0.94 or higher.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause the world seed of the Everbright and Everdawn to change.
  • Entities rendered in the Blue Journal rotate smoothly now.
  • Small Frostbright trees properly detect blocks around them, allowing blocks like string to prevent their growth.

Blue Skies CurseForge: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/blue-skies