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June 10, 2021 - Blue Skies: Population is now released!

After over a year of development, We’re proud to announce Blue Skies: Population’s release! Population is a huge update adding over 12 new biomes, 21 new mobs, and 2 all new dungeons to explore. All of this on top of the already existing 11 biomes and 15 mobs. This update leaves almost everything in the mod modified from the previous release in some way, shape, or form, whether it be a texture, name change, sound addition, or a complete overhaul. We sincerely hope you enjoy this update!

Thanks to all the hard work and effort from everyone involved:

Phygie (Bailey): Entity models, and programming, and structure building

Silver_David: Texture assets, programming, promotional art, and structure building

Lachney: Music, sound design, and video editing

Jonathing: Boss music discs

JoltLiz: Ideas, and occasionally assets or concept art

JoshuaDart: YouTube thumbnails

Jesterguy: Ideas and names for some of the new mobs

Vamacher0n: Dedicated Spanish translator, and ideas

And thank you to all of our supporters for helping us along the way!

We’ve got so much more planned for the coming updates. This is only a part of what’s on the to-do list, stay tuned for more!