Warning: This dimension may be intense on your PC!

“You want a massive amazing world with many things to explore? Want a bunch of well developed species and intense lore? Forget about that you get Moolands :)”

🐮 Summary

Moolands is a dimensional mod that adds new terrain as well as two new mobs. The terrain is varied across the entire world and provides a “unique” experience to the player.

🥛 How to play

To get to the Moolands you must create a portal frame with Glowstone, and light it up with a milk bucket.

🐄 Other things to do

You can saddle Awful Cows, they are quite fast and jump high. There are random mushroom house structures that will spawn, purely decorative! There is a config option that will add extra foliage, it’s also purely decorative, but adds a nice atmosphere. (Except for 1.13+, where this is always enabled)

🚜 Modpack Permissions

Yeah, go ahead unless told otherwise. Just make sure to give proper credit and you’re good.

👪 Translations

If you want to see the Moolands in your language (if it doesn’t already have it), check out the translation website!