Legacy Resource Fixer

Tired of finding a .zip file of the old Minecraft resources? I’ve got you covered. Legacy Resource Fixer is a lightweight mod for Minecraft which automatically downloads any/all missing resources directly from Mojang’s resource servers. The version for Minecraft beta will download the old beta sounds and will allow Minecraft to use them.


Legacy Resource Fixer does not work on MultiMC. This is because MultiMC automatically downloads resources from Mojang using their own launcher. If you put the mod into a MultiMC instance, it will do nothing except add annoying text to your console which means practically nothing. Please note that it will take 3-5 minutes to download the resources. I am working on ways to speed this up. Once the resources are downloaded, this mod will not delay startup times.

Supported Minecraft Versions

Right now, Legacy Resource Fixer works with all versions from Beta 1.4 to Release 1.5.2, as long as you can run ModLoader on it. You can find ModLoader on MCArchive. The downloads for Minecraft Beta are linked as “additional files” under the latest release of the mod.

How to install

This Mod requires Risugami’s ModLoader. It is fully compatible with Forge and any other mods you want to use it with. A reminder that Forge requires ModLoader on Minecraft versions 1.2.4 and below

  • For Minecraft 1.3.1 - 1.5.2, simply put the .jar file in the mods folder.
  • For Minecraft b1.4 - 1.2.5, you need to extract the file and add it to your client.jar/minecraft.jar/whatever it is that your launcher uses.

Issues with the Mod

If you have any questions or need help, feel free to comment below or visit the issue tracker on GitLab.