Good Night's Sleep

Released: Jun 13th, 2013


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    📚 Description

    The Good Night’s Sleep mod adds two new dimensions, the good dream and the nightmare. Each dream land is accessed through sleeping in its corresponding bed, rather than stepping through a portal. As of now the good dream is far more developed than the nightmare. Eventually, the mod will be complete with a variety of ores/materials, mobs, dungeons, bosses, multiplayer compatibility and maybe even custom sound effects.Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. After all, this mod is only in its beta stage. This also means there are some bugs to be found. Finding them and sharing them is also a great help for us and the mod.

    ❝Have a good night’s sleep❞ — tippyfoo/bob0productions

    📦 Modpack Permissions

    Yeah, go ahead, just make sure you follow the terms and conditions given to this mod.

    🎨 Programmer Art

    If you are using the 1.14.4 and above version(s) of our ports, the textures have most likely been updated to fit with Minecraft. If you want the original classic textures, you can find them on our resource packs section on CurseForge or on our website.

    📝 How to Play (1.14+)

    To start off, you must find Hope and Despair Mushrooms. Both of these mushrooms spawn underground rarely, or much more commonly, in The Nether. Both of these can be used to craft a Strange Bed, which will teleport you to one of the dimensions at random.

    You can craft it by putting both mushrooms with any color bed. After a set period of time, you will “wake up” at the bed where you started. This time is about 20 minutes. A good visual indicator is when the sun sets in the Dream, or the sun rises in the Nightmare.

    If you die inside either dimension, you will also re-spawn at your bed. If the time is not passing, you are either on an outdated version (1.13 and older), or the “disable time passing” configuration option is enabled.