📚 Summary

This mod right now is mainly a test/showcase of the AetherAPI integrated into Aether Legacy. While also being a parody on the 2018 Modding Legacy April fools joke “Modding Leg-XD” where the idea Moa skin DLC was joked about.

🎨 Current Features

The addon currently includes 7 new Moa types, all with different attributes. You can probably figure them all out for yourself, or just put the eggs into the Book of Lore.

📝 Future Plans

The mod’s development has haulted for the time being, as Aether is outdated on 1.12.2. The mod will likely not recieve any updates until that has changed.

Disclaimer: This mod has only been tested with Aether Legacy 1.12.2, v3.0+. However, it should work with older 1.12 versions anytime after the AetherAPI was implemented.