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Table of Contents

Getting Started

To get started building, you need to claim your first plot!

Type /plot auto to claim a random available plot.

Useful Commands


  • /plot auto – Claims a random available plot.
  • /plot claim – Claims a plot that you are standing on. (If available)
  • /plot delete – Clears your plot and unclaims it.


  • /plot home – Teleports you to you
  • /plot list mine – Lists all your owned plots.
  • /plot list all – Lists all claimed plots.


  • /plot set biome – Set your plots biome of choice.
  • /plot music – Sets your plots music upon entering.
  • /plot clear – Cleans your plot and reverts it back to default.


You may only worldedit in plots you own or have building access to. To get started, read this quick start guide:

Report a Problem

You can report any issues you find on the server on this Google form here: