Moolands is a dimensional mod that adds new terrain as well as two new mobs. The terrain is varied across the entire world and provides a "unique" experience to the playe

How do I get to the Moolands?

To get to the Moolands you must create a portal frame with Glowstone, and light it up with a milk bucket. (The portal frame must be 5x4 just like old versions)

Other stuff

You can saddle Awful Cows, they are quite fast and jump high. There are random mushroom house structures that will spawn, purely decorative! There is a config option that will add extra foliage, it's also purely decorative, but adds a nice atmosphere. If you need any support, or want to chat with us, check out our Discord!


You want a massive amazing world with many things to explore? Want a bunch of well devleoper species and intense lore? forget about that you get Moolands :) - Original creator, kingbdogz. (Thanks for letting us update it)