Good Night's Sleep


The 1.12.2 alpha is finally here! Keep in mind the 1.12 version is in alpha, and is still missing some features from the previous versions. If you have any issues with the alpha, please submit them on this issue tracker or discuss in the comments below!

📖 Summary

The Good Night's Sleep mod adds two new dimensions, the good dream and the nightmare. Each dream land is accessed through sleeping in its corresponding bed, rather than stepping through a portal. As of now the good dream is far more developed than the nightmare. Eventually, the mod will be complete with a variety of ores/materials, mobs, dungeons, bosses, multiplayer compatibility and maybe even custom sound effects.Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. After all, this mod is only in its beta stage. This also means there are some bugs to be found. Finding them and sharing them is also a great help for me and the mod. Have a good night's sleep. — tippyfoo/bob0productions

🌐 Translations

If you want to see Good Night's Sleep in your language (if it doesn't already have it), check out the translation website!



🎥 An Emotionally Appealing Trailer Made by bob0productions