Blue Skies

📖 Summary

Blue Skies adds two dimensions. The Everbright, and the Everdawn. Each dimension has their own theme with the Everbright being lighter and cold while the Everdawn is darker and warm. Along with this, each dimension contains a dungeon featuring one of the current two bosses. The Summoner or the Alchemist, both inspired after Illagers. Many of their loot functionalities are not finished, but that, along with more bosses, will come with time.

🕹️ How to Play

To start off, you must find a Plains, Ice Plains, or an Extreme Hills biome, where you may find the Gate Keeper's house! The house can have either of the 2 portals in ruin. Rebuild it, and trade with him for the Zeal Lighter! This can be used to light the portals.


The mod is only in BETA, and has some unused content, and features that are also missing or broken. HOWEVER, this mod is perfectly playable! New features will be added in due time. If you find any bugs, feel free to report them on the issue tracker!

🌐 Translations

If you want to see Blue Skies in your language (if it doesn't already have it), check out the translation website!

💼 Modpacks

Unless we say so, go ahead! Make sure to include credit where it is due.

🎶 Music

New ambient music by Jon Lachney. There's also one song made by Bailey